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Just as Daniel Boone and Simon Kenton blazed the trails of the Ohio wilderness, local craft brewers have blazed a trail to the Miami Valley to set up shop.  Thanks to new legislation passed in Ohio, Buckeyes are currently experiencing a Craft Beer Boom.  A few short years ago, searching for a quality craft brew from Ohio meant few options:  travel; buy from another state’s selection; or brew your own.

As a craft beer enthusiast myself, the planning stages of vacations include an internet search to map a path to breweries and brew pubs along the way.  After years of searching out and enjoying craft beer experiences from California to New York, it’s about time we have the same celebrated beer experience just a short drive or bike ride from home.  Thanks to the Ohio legislature and Senate Bill 48, no longer do we have to travel or brew for great beer (unless we want to).  In the past two years, Dayton and the surrounding area welcomed 9 new craft breweries producing quality brews.  Large-scale swill producers may not like the new legislation and competition from the local movement, but savvy residents and visitors to the Miami Valley are embracing and supporting local fare.  Eating locally supports chefs and farmers just as drinking at Dayton-area breweries supports even more small businesses.

Welcome to the Dayton Beer Trail.  In the spirit of pioneer explorers, our goal is to mark a great path through the wilderness to find Dayton’s great local beers.  Enjoy the journey as you taste your way through the best the Miami Valley has to offer.

Drink Local, Drink Craft, Drink Dayton!


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